The XR training platform where you can co-create your own training materials, without programmers.

Price: 6 euro a month per user

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Create your own VR & AR training material

  • Build & play with ease in the Meta VR Quest
  • Play with other XR devices, such as the smartphone (AR)
  • 4x faster in training
  • 2,5x more confidence in applying skills
  • 3.5x more focus and connection to the content

Co-create together your training in realtime in your XR world.

No coding is required, realtime editing

Quickly make instructions with avatar recording

Bring your 3D world alive!

Add physics, actions and triggers to your 3D objects with ease

Personalize your world with your own 3D assets

Manage your worlds and sessions

Help needed?
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Make your World interactive with FLOW

A standout feature of Aryzon.World is the ability to set up interactions using FLOW, enabling you to build dynamic interactions in 3D space.

Start simply with built-in nodes; for example, when a user grabs an object (Trigger), the object changes color (Action).

For more complex interactions you can create your own trigger logic or use variables to update and track the state of your world.

Intuitively editing in 3D
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Animal-free research

Accelerate the transition to animal-free research


Providing equal opportunities for everyone

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Shape the World of Learning Together

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