Neurodiversity at Aryzon.World

Conceptual thinkers and lineair thinkers

Hi, I'm Henk Stomphorst, one of the founders of Aryzon.World.

Aryzon.World wouldn't exist without our employees, we are one team. Most of us have all been labeled with one or more of the following: autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and high sensitivity, but most of us are also highly gifted in specific areas.

Myself, I am 60 years old and severely dyslexic, but that only got its name when my son got the label. I was just very bad in language. More and more people are pointing out that I am probably also highly gifted, but I notice that there is still quite a taboo around talking about it openly. I understand all the fuss about ChatGPT, but for me - as a dyslexic - it is a great help, especially to be able to raise my texts to a higher level and in different languages.

Looking back at my childhood, I was always very reserved and made myself as invisible as possible. I was scared when I had to do something unknown, meet new people, or go somewhere I had never been before. Fortunately, that has all disappeared with falling and getting up again. During my studies and career, I have regularly come into contact with people who did not fit into the system. At the time, I didn't know why, but looking back on my life, I do. I have learned a lot from these special people and seen and learned how they managed to hold their own in a system that took no account of them. In today's society, almost all of them would be labeled as highly gifted neurodiverse individuals.

From my perspective, neurodiversity is not a medical condition at all. I see it as the different wiring of our brains. This means that each of us experiences the world differently and will respond differently as a result. We all find our way together. The best way to incorporate new, often socially damaged, NDPers into the team is to be genuinely interested in what they have to say and find out what they personally need to feel comfortable. By organizing this and facilitating them in this way, they will eventually experience it as their safe foundation "their circle of safety".

The damage is often sustained in early childhood and/or school days. When an adult with procedural thinking has authority over a child with conceptual thinking, it can have drastic consequences. Especially if that adult cannot or will not listen and cannot or will not delve into the thinking and the resulting behavior of that child.

Linear and conceptual thinking

My finding is that being in the flow means that both hemispheres of the brain work optimally together. Stress is the biggest enemy of being able to get into the flow. The HearthMath Institute has been conducting research into HeartBrain coherence for decades on how we can best let the head and heart work together. They provide various breathing exercises to get started with. When we are in HeartBrain coherence, there is no room for stress and both hemispheres of the brain can also work optimally together.

"A day not learned is a day not lived." Within Aryzon.World, I place the main focus on learning, not production. Imagine what would happen if every employee consciously learned something every day. What that would do for personal growth and growth as an organization. In my opinion, personal development is the foundation for the development of the organization.

I am increasingly convinced that many highly gifted people have been labeled with a neurodiverse-related label because only paid support programs can be set up if you have a label such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia, high sensitivity, or another neurodiverse label. But as a highly gifted individual specifically, it is (almost) impossible to get help. I previously held the belief that people who think conceptually were inherently self-taught, but I have changed my mind. Many conceptually thinking people have taught themselves how to learn because they have fallen through the cracks in the education system, becoming self-taught as a result.

For many of our employees, "learning on the job" is an integral part of daily activities. It doesn't matter if it's technical skills or personal development. Personally, I always consider personal development to be more important than the technical/technological aspect, as you always personally benefit from it. That's why we're working to further integrate personal development into the daily activities of everyone involved with Aryzon.World.

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